Hunter Derby and Jumper Shows at the Bucks County Horse Park 

Hunter Derby and Jumper Shows

BCHP is proud to announce its 7th Annual Hunter Derby held in conjunction with the Fall Jumper Classic on September 20, 2020. There will be a $1000 3’ Hunter Derby and a $500 2’6" Hunter Derby held in conjunction with our $500 Jumper Classic and $250 Pony Prix. Ribbons through 10th place and mounted awards ceremony. There will also be money awards in a "Gamblers Choice" class in each Jumper Division.

September 20th will also see the Second Annual TMHS Invitational Show. This show will be double judged and double pointed towards Year End Awards. The top 12 competitors in each of the top 10 attended TMHS divisions will receive personal invitations to compete at this show to better their year end standings.

Throughout the summer BCHP hosts a jumper ring at our popular Thursday Morning Horse Show Series. Classes start with “Itty Bitty” and progress through Level 2. Riders are encouraged to attend these shows to sharpen their skills. Competitors can qualify for Year End Awards at each level. Please see the TMHS page for more information.

Volunteers are always needed and it is a great way to learn more about jumpers. All ages, no experience necessary and great perks!

Hunter Derby and Jumper Shows 2020 Calendar of Events

Date Event Prize List Entry Form Ride Times
05/24 Thursday Morning Horse Show Prevue Show Prizelist Thursday Morning Horse Show
Thursday Morning Horse Show Prizelist Thursday Morning Horse Show
09/20 Fall Classic Pre-Enter

Hunter Derby

Hunter Derbies celebrate the roots of the modern hunter horse. The courses are designed to encourage brilliance and daring from the rider and showcase the true athletic ability of the horse. BCHP will be hosting two levels: $1000 Hunter Derby with fences 3'-3'3" and the $500 Hunter Derby with fences 2'6" - 2'9". Each competitor will ride two rounds; a classic hunter round and a handy hunter round. Round one, the Classic Hunter Course, is to be judged on performance, hunter pace and style, quality and substance, movement and brilliance. The course will simulate the hunt field and offer a variety of jumps with different appearances such as: post and rail, stone walls, coop, aiken, hedge, oxer, brush, logs, etc., and will be decorated with natural foliage. Natural obstacles such as banks and terrain changes may also be included. Round two, the Handy Hunter Course, is to be judged on style, brilliance, and handiness. The course will also include a minimum of two "handy options" where riders can showcase their horse. The idea behind the Derby concept is to showcase horses that are very brave, scopey, and handy; the type of horse that shines in the hunt field.

Jumper Classic and Pony Prix

The Jumper Classic and Pony Prix are a fun way to get involved in jumpers. It is held over a course of 3’ to 3’3” and open to all competitors that meet the requirements stated in the prize list. The Pony Prix is open to all competitors 18 and under and ponies 14.2 hands or smaller. It will follow a course of 2’3” to 2’6” in height. Please see the prize list for other requirements.